August 19-24, 2010

The Colonia Cuauhtémoc is an urban sector of Mexico City that was established during the 1930’s, and, consequently, occupied by houses and other buildings designed in accordance with the Modern Movement. The avenue which ends at what was the Calzada Melchor Ocampo forms a semi-circle which has on the southwest side several buildings designed by principal Mexican modern architects including Augusto H. Álvarez, Luis Barragán, Max Cetto and Enrique del Moral; these buildings create a homogenous group that is not only still standing but in relatively good condition. In spite of this, this sector has received the impact of urban growth and was particularly affected by the road work involved in the creation of the Circuito Interior which segregates the original street from the park created in the roundabout.

This workshop will attend this problem with the intent of solving the difficulty of access to the park as well as designing a building to house Docomomo Mexico. The design of the new building will relate to one of the buildings designed previously in order to link this modern Mexican heritage with the new space for the documentation, diffusion and conservation of Mexican modernity.

Coordinators: Alejandro Ochoa and Rodolfo Santa María.

Chair: Ricardo Pita.

Professor: Theodore Prudhon



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